Monday, June 18, 2007

dept of turncoats: Dear Walnuts

Republican voters are SO ANGRY about this immigration deal, because it turns out that the GOP and the Democrats and the companies that own those political franchises couldn’t care less about the Mexican Menace. It’s quaint how the seal-the-border crowd thinks Washington — which is controlled by the “former” CEO of a company now based in Dubai — would share the Little Guy’s worries about jobs or whatever.

After the jump, see how McCain’s former fans feel about the immigration deal....

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Did This Man Betray You, Too?

Has this man betrayed you, too?

Has your heart been broken by a certain "straight-talking" politician? Did you vote for him to defend America in 2000, only to look up on CNN one day and see him arm-and-arm with Ted Kennedy, throwing our borders open to the very people who've been violating them?

Did you get that sinking feeling in your stomach when you realized that, this man you once supported, wants to give immediate legal status to illegals.....

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